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Our Bodies. Our Earth.

Spirit-centered Alexander Technique, cultivating inner and outer connection

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Liz's Philosophy

Embodiment & Spiritual Practice

There are infinite gateways to spiritual practice and infinite gateways into our own bodies. Alexander Technique is a method of cultivating deeper awareness of our internal selves, allowing us capacity for greater groundedness, lessened reactivity and increased presence with ourselves and the world around us.

Spiritual practices of all kinds grow more essential as our world faces great environmental, public health and racial and social divisions and harm. Resourcing our minds, bodies and spirits with tools that allow us to find calm, compassion and resiliency in the face of distress can offer solid ground. Inner and outer connection are like two wings of a bird, one cannot function without the other.

Meet Amelia
What is AT?
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What is the Alexander Technique?

A skill for greater embodied living!

Alexander Technique is a system of paying deep attention to your body's coordination - how your legs move in relation to your back or how your neck moves when you speak, for example. So very often, we are doing much more with our bodies than we are consciously aware of. Tension patterns in our bodies built up over years of encountering the difficulties of life can come in many forms and can cause chronic pain and discomfort. These tension patterns are inextricably linked to the ways we move through our lives as well.

Do we curl in with our shoulders for protection, to avoid living through an open heart?

Do we stand with our feet close together to avoid taking up too much space?

Do we habitually hold our breath, anticipating some future catastrophe?

The subtle, but transformative practice of Alexander Technique allows students to gradually become aware of these constricting patterns of these bodies and increasingly allows us to choose to move in more expansive, authentic ways. Finding a more spacious and easeful way of living within these bodies can have surprising effects on the state of our outer lives. 

What is Alexander Technique used for?

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Becoming more present in your everyday life
Skillfully working with repetitive use injuries and chronic pain
Increasing physical mobility and availability
Bringing more awareness to daily activities, hobbies and passions - musicians, singers, actors, runners, meditators, gardeners, mechanics!
Inhabiting life from a more grounded and stable place, allowing for engagement in wise action and speech to better serve the world!

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Liz is a wonderfully thoughtful and sensitive guide and teacher in each of the mediums I have worked with her in (the alexander technique, meditation, and racial sensitivity and awareness training). She is fully willing to explore the big questions that come up in the work she does. If you are looking for someone to walk with you gently on your path as you deepen your relationship to yourself and the world around you, look no further.

~Christina F.

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Liz is not currently accepting new students.

I am currently accepting students on Wednesdays at a space off Hydraulic Rd across from Albemarle High School in Charlottesville. If the times available don't work into your schedule, please email at to find another time.
See below for further contact info and directions to my office space.
I look forward to working with you!

Contact Info


233 Hydraulic Ridge Rd #205, Charlottesville, VA 22901

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