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Psychological Astrology Readings

Photo by Kelley Van Dilla

Because I continue to believe in the power of astrological readings to offer unique insight, I offer readings (both in-person or via Zoom) on a sliding scale of $80-120.

Readings typically last 75-90 minutes and clients receive a 3-4 page summary of all the themes that we discuss in the reading.

Knowing ahead of time which spheres of life a client is most interested in gaining insight into is always helpful.

Family, career, relationship to money, spiritual practice, intimate relationships, creative pursuits, etc., are frequent areas of interest for clients.

Email Liz for inquiries and booking:

Liz & Astrology

I first met the world of astrology while living and working on an organic vegetable farm in Korinthos, Greece, in 2012. The remote farm had no internet connection, but did offer an endless selection of esoteric books in English. Immediately I was hooked on the ways that the planets, myth and archetypes connect us to the past and ground us in our present. After studying for several years through the London School of Psychological Astrology and the Mercury Internet School of Psychological Astrology, I began offering birth chart readings in 2016.

Astrology can be a deeply personal, transformative journey. One's birth chart provides endless wisdom and lessons; as we grow, we can see new patterns in ourselves and in our charts. Astrology for me has been a key wisdom tradition that has allowed me to more fully accept myself and the other people in my life for all the gifts and talents we offer to the world.

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