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Alexander Technique Lessons

The gift of presence with your body

Photo by Kelley Van Dilla

Like the earth, boulders and trees, our bodies operate at a slower pace, speaking to us in subtle ways that Alexander Technique can help attune to. How often do we stand still and notice the habitual patterns we might have in standing? How often do we bring awareness to our amazing capacity for breath?

Alexander Technique lessons are a gift of coming into deeper relationship with this vessel that holds and shepherds us through life. As we gain more conscious awareness of this body and the way we move through our days, there can be greater capacity for responding to life instead of reacting, greater capacity for holding the joys and sorrows of life, greater capacity for living in alignment with our deeper nature.

What happens in a lesson?

In an hour-long Alexander Technique lesson, students often spend time working actively in a standing or sitting position in addition to spending time "on the table." An Alexander Technique teacher may guide the student to bring attention to subtle, but important, details about the way one's body moves from a sitting to standing position in order to highlight habitual patterns of constriction that may be causing pain or discomfort.

In table work, an Alexander teacher brings attention to the ways students may be holding themselves rigid while even in a reclined position. The hope for any work in Alexander Technique is to allow for increased availability for movement in one's body, to become aware of our habitual physical patterns (very related to habitual mental and emotional patterns!) and to learn to live from increased flexibility.

Pricing for lessons

Historically, the discipline of Alexander Technique has not been a welcoming or inclusive community. The past century of the Technique has privileged mostly white-bodied, wealthy women and men. I recognize my position within this hierarchy as a white, straight, cis-gender woman and am working to inform my practice and this work so that historically excluded populations can benefit.

Pricing for anyone for the first six lessons can be paid from a sliding scale of $35-60 per lesson. BIPOC, differently-abled folks, full-time activists, and those working full-time in the mental health healing arts are invited to continue within this sliding scale after the initial six lessons. After the first six lessons folks who do not fall into the above categories can continue lessons at the rate of $60/lesson.

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