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Dharma Teaching

Photo by Kelley Van Dilla

Pillars of Spiritual Practice

The art of turning inward towards our bodies, minds, spirits and hearts is a gift that is accessible to all in this life. Though the pace and expectations of most modern lives make spiritual practice difficult to access, avenues of contemplation, inner wisdom and stillness are so very vital to us all.

Since 2010, I have centered spiritual practice and meditation, oftentimes feeling confusion and doubt about how to build a life based in spirituality in today's world.  In 2016, I began practicing with the Insight Meditation Community of Charlottesville (IMCC), and have inhabited a variety of leadership roles there over the past five years, most recently as teacher and member of the Guiding Teachers' Council, facilitator of the Young Adults' Sangha and member of the Ethics & Reconciliation council.

There are numberless gateways to spiritual practice and everyone's path is uniquely and beautifully their own.

Here are some avenues of practice that have been expansive and fulfilling for me. I share these resources with the hope that others striving to find connection and centeredness in spiritual life know that there are many of us on the path, creating community and seeking freedom.

  • Spirit Rock's Community Dharma Leaders (CDL6) program

  • IMCC Teacher Training Program

  • White Awake's Before We Were White - ancestral recovery for collective liberation program

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