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Racial, Social & Environmental Justice

The original sin of our country's foundations was the idea that land could and should be owned. This process of disconnection and objectification has become encoded in our worldview as Americans and has allowed for destruction of the Earth and her rivers, forests, animal and plant beings. The taking of lands from indigenous peoples on this continent paved the way for enslavement and the cementing of racial hierarchy and apartheid here on Monacan land/Virginia soil. Our individual healing is inextricably tied to our healing as a collective and as a society. Below are resources at the intersections of justice work and spiritual (mostly Budddhist) practice. Please be in touch if you have additional resources!

Racial Healing


Radical Dharma - Reverend angel Kyodo williams
Mindful of Race - Ruth King
The Way of Tenderness - Zenju Earthlyn Manuel
America’s Racial Karma - Larry Ward
You Belong - Sebene Selassie
The Inner Work of Racial Justice - Rhonda Magee

Awakening Together - Larry Yang


Ruth King's Mindful of Race Institute

White Awake Online Manual


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Photo by Kelley Van Dilla

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Photo by Kelley Van Dilla

Environmental Healing


Time to Stand Up - Thanissara
World as Lover, World as Self - Joanna Macy

Active Hope - Joanna Macy


One Earth Sangha's Ecosattva Training

Sati Center's Eco-Chaplaincy Training

Retreat Centers

Vallecitos Mountain Retreat Center

Rocky Mountain Ecodharma Retreat Center

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